About Student Awards: New Design. New Direction.

student awards changes, bright colourful emoji balloons
Photo by Lidya Nada on Unsplash

Over the last 15 years, StudentAwards has continued to grow and improve to meet the changing needs of our members. Last Spring, we asked you what you wanted to see and we received over 4,000 responses to our survey. Armed with your feedback, we took a look at our brand and made some changes. 

The new StudentAwards.com offers a more personalized and integrated experience enabling you to connect with other members more easily. You can also filter your awards and contests to quickly access information that you deem valuable. 

The new StudentAwards logo reflects the fresh approach we’re taking to your student platform. It visually represents the student journey and the continued support we offer along the way.  

This is just the first step toward improving our platform to better serve you. Please continue to send us your feedback as we embark on this journey of redevelopment together.